Software and Operations Security Experts


Design, Implement, Deploy, Assess, Repeat

Secure Design

Secure software starts with good designs that incorporate flexible and scalable security controls throughout the stack. We can help you build industry-leading security practices into the core of your components so features can be delivered faster.

Strong Implementations

Implementations matter and they can support or undermine a great design. We can guide your team to create strong implementations that are secure by default.

Ops and Deployment

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and there has been no shortage of data breaches due to vulnerable operational practices. Freefly Security can help you create an operational concept that allows you to easily manage your applications while closing potential weaknesses.

Security Assessment

Forget paying for superficial assessments by automated scanners or generic reports filled with false positives and shallow results.

Freefly Security’s experienced consultants will work with you to understand your applications and deliver a deep assessment using proven penetration testing and vulnerability assessment methodologies.

Why Freefly?

Extensive experience designing, building, and assessing the security of software and systems
Security starts by understanding business objectives

Whether you're looking for help with software that is still being created or software that is already deployed, Freefly Security has the experience to know what does and doesn't work. This experience has been gained by our top tier consultants designing, developing, or assessing over five hundred applications, including many of the industry-leading applications you probably use every day.

We practice mission-oriented security and believe security starts by understanding business objectives and the intended rules of a software system. We're experts in quickly gaining an understanding of your business goals and helping you create software and systems faster by solving security challenges correctly the first time.

Have something that's already deployed? No problem. Freefly Security can quickly assess existing systems and help create comprehensive solutions to address any issues.


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